DOT Music

DOT Music

Transforming the World of Music

Over the past 12 years, DOT Music's Music and Technology Insiders has unified a Coalition of 100 Trade Organizations, who have come together to build a Music-Exclusive Internet.  Their Mission is to create a VERIFIED domain extension for every Org, Company, Musician and Songwriter to:


  • Make more revenue
  • Be "Web 3.0 and Intenet of Things" Ready - to engage directly with verified fans - anywhere, at anytime, on any device
  • Have a suite of new-tech tools to deepen engagement
  • Own & analyze their fan data, engagement and trends
  • Sell downloads, tickets & merch and pay only a % to DOT Music, and NOT the other way around
  • More effectively track their royalties and IP
  • Stream live & private events and exclusive content
Bear Blend


DOT Music approached Humanity Media to create their narrative for the Investor Community, to build a Seed-Round Investment Deck to help them raise $1.5 Million in financing.  We assisted in making their ground-breaking vision easily understandable and digestible by their target  audience of early-stage hand-picked funders.  They are now shopping their inspiring story, while concurrently building out the 1st phase of their platform, to enable musicians and songwriters to more fluidly make the lion's share of revenue from their music, merch and events, vs. the other way around.

What we did

Digital Media

Research and Analysis

Design and Development of UI/UX

Creation of Investment Materials

Marketing Media

Logo and Branding

Graphics and Infographics

Print Materials

Investor Deck

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