Gratitude Revealed


Louie SchwartzBerg's Life Work.


Gratitude Revealed is a film by the world renowned filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, the producer of Fantastic Fungi. The film is presented like a stream of consciousness bringing people through the concept of gratitude as a tapestry of experiences, thoughts, and visions. In the end, gratitude is a presented as a state of mind that preserves our humanity amidst the chaos. So it is not just a movie, it is truly a movement and a revolution.

Bear Blend


Louie Schwartzberg approached us with only this concept of a poster design and a need to build a website that not only attracted moviegoers, but inspired a movement of gratitude. As we crafted the designs for the website, it was clear that there was magic and synergy emerging in the story that we were trying to share behind it. At one point, we brought forward the ideas that gratitude has often been seen as a sort of thing that you do for yourself — like a new age yoga meditation. But, in this case, Louie was transforming Gratitude into a truly revolutionary act. This conversation inspired Louie's director statement which we knew belonged on the "Why Now" page.

Today the battle ground is about consciousness and grabbing your attention. What we need to do is fight that beauty and wonder and stories that make us laugh and cry. Connecting and opening our hearts to celebrating life. We need to be resilient to make our stories heard. That is why gratitude is so important right now in this juncture of our lives.We are the changers and this movement is unstoppable.

What we did

Brand Strategy

New Logo
Tagline Copy
New Logo Design

Marketing Media

Lottie Videos
Evergreen Webinar
Content Strategy

Digital Media

Website UI/UX
Design and Development
Hosting & Maintenance
Technical Support
International Data Privacy

Website Design & Development

Fully responsive interactive website encouraging users to sign up for a free demo of the product and/or attend a webinar about the product. Site is built with a CMS allowing the client to edit and maintain content.

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Video Production & Animations

We created a couple of video assets to be used on the website. Also we helped to consult and conceptualize content for Louie's personal director message cut which we are also presenting here.

Copy Writing

We helped to write all of the copy on the website including the copy for each of the Ten Days of Gratitude Challenge.