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Devin Burke — Sleep Science Academy Founder and Personal Sleep Trainer

Devin Burke from Sleep Science Academy sat down with me to talk about the importance of sleep in our lives. Why do we need to sleep? How important is sleep? What are some ways that we can help ourselves to sleep better at night and wake up more refreshed and energized? We also get into dreams, lucid dreaming, and understanding what is actually happening in our bodies while we sleep. And, as always, there are some gems in here that you will probably change your whole outlook on sleep and the way your brain works. It is my belief that when you are ready, the medicine will find you. this has become somewhat of a theme with these episodes.  So, please, if you are listening to this and you are like, "Yeah. I actually do have some issues with sleep," then please take a minute to reach out to Devin. His online course and remote training sessions just might change your life. Go to for more information. And follow Devin on youtube

Jessie Salas — Foundation Training and How Our Unconscious Habits Control Us

Jessie Salas is the director of coaching for Foundation Training alongside its founder Dr. Eric Goodman. It is a practice based on a process founded and developed by Dr. Goodman more than a decade ago to heal his own chronic back issues. Jessie now travels around the country working with thousands of individuals as well as professional surfers and Jiu Jitsu athletes. Foundation Training is based on the simple concept that we unconsciously hold our bodies in a constricted state for most of our lives, creating unhealthy patterns such as poor posture and shallow breathing. Over time, these habits lead to chronic back and body pains, imbalance, and illness. By creating new habits of expansion and opening and by using our breath to expand our lungs and grow our capacity for oxygen, we can reverse these chronic conditions and alleviate pain. In this discussion, Jessie and I also explored how these unconscious patterns are not only related to the body, but can also be emotional, mental and spiritual. We explored how many people in his practice have experienced other kinds of growth and transformation from the work — alleviating old emotional traumas and releasing old limiting beliefs. Our bodies are […]

Meagan McKenna: The Making of a Genuine Artist

We spoke with actress Meagan McKenna on her reintroduction to acting and being the spotlight after years of putting her dreams on hold. We spoke about what it is like to be a genuine artist amidst the noise and pressures of Hollywood. And the conversation got super deep as we entered into the emotional realms of childhood trauma and the way that we suppress ourselves. As always we were super grateful that Meagan took the time to meet with us in our studio. For more information about her good work, find her on IMDB:

Stan Slap: Business Culture Expert and Founder of SLAP Company

Join us as we sit down with renowned strategist and culture expert Stan Slap.  As the president of the international consulting company, SLAP Company,  and a former CEO , managing over 5,000 employees, Stan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Celi Arias: Growth Strategist on Business and Spirituality

Today, our guest is the one and only Celi Arias, a successful business growth strategist who brings a unique approach to her work. Celi has a wealth of experience in the business world, having started, sold, and grown multiple 7-figure businesses. But what sets her apart is her ability to blend her knowledge of numbers, systems, and teams with a deep understanding of mindset and spirituality.

David Goodknife on Indigenous Ceremony and Mindset

Today we share the studio with David Warren Goodknife, a man who discovered an unconventional path to healing and spirituality. He holds many roles  in the indigenous community including Fire Chief SDN, Veteran Sundancer, Pipe carrier, Peyotist, Lead Ceremonialist of Assembly of the Divine Healing Sacrament and Activist.

Facing Fear with Bill Bennett and Judith Richards

In this episode of In the Chair with Bear, we sit down with Australian film maker, Bill Bennett, and trauma specialist, Judith Richards, to explore the role of fear in our lives. We delve into the ways in which fear can both protect and limit us. Tune in as we discuss personal anecdotes of facing and conquering our own fears.

Living the Moment: Joree Rose on Mindfulness

Managing a business, being a parent, living life – simply being human – can be super stressful, especially these days. So many of us are running on all cylinders, tires down to the last thread. As Fred Eaglesmith sings on one of the best trucker songs on the planet, “the light keeps coming on,” we’ve “got water in the fuel.”

Chat GPT and the Future of AI

Join Bear as he sits down with ChatGPT, the cutting-edge AI language model developed by OpenAI, for an insightful discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. In this episode, we delve into the benefits of AI, including increased efficiency and accuracy in various industries, but also explore the potential pitfalls of relying too much on this technology. From job displacement to privacy concerns, this episode will challenge your thoughts on the role of AI in our future. Tune in now for a thought-provoking conversation about the future of AI and its impact on society.

On Dealing with Struggle

Welcome to another episode of In the Chair with Bear. In this stream of consciousness style episode, we're diving deep into dealing with struggles in life. The way we choose to view our struggles affects the way the world responds to us, but do we truly understand the extent of this power? I'll be sharing personal stories and ideas about how our perception of struggle shapes our view of the world and ultimately, our choices.

Kids Helping and Inspiring Kids with Ray Mohler

Ray Mohler is an inspiring example of the power of giving. At just four years old, Ray had the idea to start Little St. Nick, a foundation that donates gifts to sick children in hospitals. In this inspiring interview, we sit down with Ray to learn more about his journey, the impact of his foundation, and why he continues to give back every year. Join us to learn how one small act of kindness can make a world of difference.


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