Bridge to Fulfillment

Bridge to Fulfillment

The Bridge to fulfillment

Helping professional women have a more fulfilling career without sacrificing their family.

The Bridge to Fulfillment is empowering professional women to live their best possible life

The Bridge to Fulfillment, founded by Blake Schofield, is a proprietary process that directly helps women looking for career transitions to find their best possibilities. Blake takes each client through a specific process that allows each participant to find their dream career and achieve a true work-life balance. All of this through a holistic career coaching program that helps everyone find their “unique secret sauce”.
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Blake approached us with an outdated website and an outdated sales deck that she had been using to onboard all of her clients. She knew it was time for a redesign, but she did not know what that was going to look like. We took her through the process of redesigning her logo, sales materials, and complete website overhaul. And throughout the process we helped her to hone in on her message and her story. 


What we did

Brand Strategy

Website Copy
Brand Elements
Market Positioning
Brand Style
Sales Page and Deck

Marketing Media

Sales Materials
Podcast Design
Sales Strategy

Digital Media

Website UI/UX
Design and Development
Hosting & Maintenance
Technical Support
Testimonial Organization

Website Design & Development

Fully responsive interactive website encouraging users to sign up for a free demo of the product and/or attend a webinar about the product. Site is built with a CMS allowing the client to edit and maintain content.

View Live Site

Logo and Infographic Design

Incorporating the ideas of transformation, taking steps to bridge yourself to the next place, while also incorporating the concept that this is a signature 7 step process.

COPY WRITING and Sales Strategy

We worked directly with Blake to outline her complete sales process and fine tune her messaging. In the end we came up with the slide show that appears on the home page of the website outlining the possibilities that her work provides. 

Print materials

We developed sales and curriculum materials for Blakes signature process. Because of the proprietary nature of this work, however, we are not able to share those directly here.