Wallace Cunningham

Wallace Cunningham

Wallace Cunningham Architecture

Architecture of mystery, wonder & awe

For the past 29 years, Wallace Cunningham has designed a series of remarkably expressive houses that feature overlapping geometries, soaring pyramidal roofs and crescent-shaped courtyards that turn everyday living into a theatrical event. While Cunningham studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, he is, for all intents and purposes, self-taught, and this may have given him freedom to work outside the constraints of mainstream design.

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Wallace Cunningham is a friend and neighbor of Anthony Bear.  Over coffee, the two started discussing how to bring Wallace's award-winning and inspiring architecture designs to life, so that his work could be wed with poetry to inspire wonder and awe in others.  The result is this simple yet elegant site.

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Website Design & Development

Fully responsive interactive website and portfolio to bring Wallace's amazing creations to life

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